Performance Health Funds Expanded Study on Chiropractic’s Impact on Reduction in Opioid Prescriptions 

Study will include over one million subjects.


Akron, Ohio – October 5, 2017 – Performance Health, the maker of Biofreeze® Professional, is pleased to announce its significant financial support of the Clinical Compass as part of its national Safer  Pain Relief campaign. These funds are earmarked for a second study on the impact of chiropractic care on opioid and drug use for large patient populations. This second study, as was the first, is being carried out by principle investigator Dr. James Whedon at Southern California University of Health Sciences.

The first study, conducted in 2016 on over 12,000 subjects with lower back pain, revealed that patients seen by a chiropractor have a 55% less likelihood of filling an opioid prescription as compared to those not under chiropractic care. The study, Association between Utilization of Chiropractic Services and Use of Prescription Opioids Among Patients with Low Back Pain, also showed that average annual per-person charges for opioid prescription fills were 78% lower for recipients of chiropractic services as compared to non-recipients. The final results of the study are currently under peer review for publication.

“This second study will have a massive impact on patients, providers of health services, payers and policy makers. We will not just be moving the needle with this study, we will be changing the game on how healthcare is delivered in our country, and be a major force in reducing  opioid addiction,” stated  Jay S. Greenstein, DC, Chairman, Clinical Compass. “We couldn’t do this study without Performance Health and their dedication to the chiropractic profession. Together, we can provide safer pain relief options for all the patients we serve.”

The second study will begin in late 2017 and will require at least 18 months to collect, analyze and report on the data.

“We are fully committed to advancing the impact of Dr. Whedon’s work knowing it will broaden the awareness and appreciation of chiropractic care, and ultimately save lives,” added Paul Timko, Vice President,  US Distribution, Performance Health. “In addition to our funding support, we are matching any doctor’s donation of $350 to the Clinical Compass. When a donation is made at that level, we will also provide the donor with a tower display of free Performance Health pain relief products including Biofreeze® Professional, TheraBand® Kinesiology Tape and Thera°Pearl® Reusable Hot/Cold Wraps. At a $200 donation level, we will provide the doctor with a free counter display of products.”

“We are asking that everyone in our profession donate to the Clinical Compass. This imperative work will allow us to work more cooperatively with patients, other healthcare providers, payers and policy makers,” concluded Greenstein.

About Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters

The Clinical Compass (CCGPP) mission is to gather and evaluate existing evidence‐based practice information, to facilitate the development of new information where existing evidence is lacking, and to distribute and assist in implementation of evidence-based practice information that is relevant to the chiropractic profession.

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Performance Health is the largest specialty distributor and manufacturer of branded products and solutions for rehabilitation, recovery and sports medicine in the world. We draw upon a unique combination of leading brands, products and applied knowledge from professional partnerships to provide complete solutions. The goal of the company’s Safer Pain Relief campaign is simple: Help people understand the full range of muscle and joint pain relief options—and the associated risks and side effects—so they apply the safest, most effective solutions for their unique needs. We know the best way to get “safer pain relief” is by combining professional care with professional products. Visit to learn more!