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The foundation of The Clinical Compass, the Evidence Center is not only a library of Research Summaries but also the communication pathway to The Clinical Compass Team and Research panel to facilitate the flow of information and advice.

The Evidence Center is the foundation of The Clinical Compass’ outreach to the chiropractic community and provides practitioners the resources to address the real-world issues they encounter in their practices every day. The Evidence Center delivers:

  • A communication pathway to facilitate the flow of information throughout the chiropractic community
  • A library Research Summaries of relevant and current peer-reviewed journal articles, either as abstracts or full-text with an annotated bibliography for each topic
  • Access to the Evidence Center Team of experts for assistance in interpreting and utilizing the scientific literature

Please see the collection of the latest Research Summaries below and please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US if you require assistance for professional issues using guidelines and/or clinical research.

Research Summaries

Updated: January 2023

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