Rapid Response Resource Center

CCGPP Rapid Response Resource Center (R3C)

Commission Chair: Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD

CCGPP thanks the Michigan Chiropractic Foundation  for providing funding for development of the Rapid Response Resource Center


The R3C is an open access virtual library maintained on the CCGPP website. Materials available are:

  • Relevant and current peer-reviewed journal articles, either as abstracts or full-text, depending upon availability.
  • A summary and annotated bibliography for each topic.

Topics currently addressed are:

The Rapid Response Resource Center (R3C) provides the foundation for CCGPP’s Rapid Response Team, as well as a resource for practitioners to use on their own, thus expanding CCGPP’s outreach to the profession.

The R3C is a system based on: 1) a communication pathway between practitioners and the Center to facilitate the flow of information; 2) a collection of current scientific evidence stored electronically on the CCGPP website and available to the public; 3) access to the Rapid Response Team and Research Panel experts, who will assist practitioners in interpreting and utilizing the scientific literature to address real-world issues they encounter in their practices.