Neck Pain Best Practices Delphi Panel Information

Neck Pain Best Practices Delphi Panel Information

Subject Line: Get Your Name on a Game-Changing Research Study!

WHY: The Clinical Compass is undertaking an important project and we are looking for a select set of diverse clinicians to participate in a Best Practices (BPG) project. While we know Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG’s) are the holy grail of the research hierarchy, we also know that there is still a lot of work to do to understand our interventions and their subsequent outcomes for patients. Absence of evidence does NOT mean absence of effectiveness. The practical application? Recently two of the largest insurance companies made medical policy decisions EXCLUDING common treatments in a chiropractic office. Because there are no CPG’s around these interventions, the insurance companies are inappropriately denying payment. A BPG helps to solve these enormous injustices.

WHAT: When there is a lack of evidence from research studies, but there are practitioners performing effective services, the information gap needs to be bridged. In other words, a BPG needs to be published. A BPG includes the latest scientific evidence, and feedback from field doctors and other stakeholders through the Delphi method. The Delphi method solicits the opinions of experts through a series of carefully designed questionnaires interspersed with information and opinion feedback in order to establish a convergence of opinion.

HOW: The entire process, answering a series of questionnaires, takes several weeks in total, and the approximate time commitment from Delphi members is about 1-2 hours total.

WHEN: Those who are interested in participating in this exciting project can apply here. There is a limited number of spots and our deadline for our decision of Delphi members is August 31, 2018.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE? Doctors with at least 5 years of practice experience who are familiar with and willing to read and consider the scientific evidence. If you want to be a part of chiropractic history, complete the Delphi Characteristics form and send us your CV. Remember, Delphi members are limited and time is of the essence, so don’t wait! Email Cathy Evans at today!

In Health,
Jay Greenstein, DC, CCSP, CFGI-L1, CKTP, FMS
Chairman, Clinical Compass


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