Scientific Commission of CCGPP

The purpose of the Scientific Commission is to advise CCGPP on issues related to searching, identifying, interpreting and compiling the scientific evidence related to chiropractic care and to collaborate as appropriate on the development, publication, dissemination and utilization of guidelines and care pathways.

Scientific Commission as of March 2017


Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD

Commission members

  • Shireesh Bhalerao, MCR, DC, CCSP
  • Jeffrey Cates, DC, MS, DABCO, DABCC
  • Clinton Daniels, DC, MS, DAAPM
  • Jordan Gliedt, DC, FASA
  • Dana Lawrence, DC, MMedEd, MA
  • Ronald LeFebvre, MA, DC
  • Amy Minkalis, DC, MS
  • Michael Sheppard, DC
  • Sheryl Walters, MLS