Ronald J. Farabaugh

drfarabaughDr. Farabaugh has been in practice since 1982.  He served as President of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association in 1996 and served as Treatment Guideline Chairman (2001-2004).  In 1994 he was appointed by Governor Voinovich to serve on the Healthcare Quality Advisory Council to help design managed care programs for the BWC, specifically QHP.  In 2003 Dr. Farabaugh was appointed to serve on the Council for Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP).  He was elected Chairman of CCGPP in 2009.  Dr. Farabaugh was appointed by Governor Strickland to serve on the Ohio State Chiropractic Board in 2010, and was elected President of the Board on October 20, 2011.  In 2012 Dr. Farabaugh was appointed to serve on the Official Disability Guideline (ODG) Advisory Board.  He is certified in Low Speed Rear Impact Crash Reconstruction and Soft Tissue Traumatology, and holds a subspecialty as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.  He is founder/owner of ChiroLtd., a chiropractic consulting company which develops products to assist doctors in the development of an evidence-based practice.  He is also founder of the popular Chiropractic Bootcamp seminars and co-founder of, an evidence-based, patient-centered, internet-driven practice management company dedicated to assisting doctors of chiropractic establish a more evidence-based office and referral mindset.  He currently practices in Columbus Ohio, 2879 East Dublin-Granville Rd., Columbus, OH 43231.

Phone number:   614-898-0787.  Email address: Websites:,,, and